ParityBit enters PH market with intro of privacy-enhancing technologies

Deep-tech firm ParityBit is looking at engaging the finance and healthcare sectors with Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PET) that secure data processing using artificial intelligence (AI).

Since most countries are now operating in a data-driven environment, Dr. Zhen Luo, founder and CEO of ParityBit said it is important for countries like the Philippines to get more value from data and at the same time protect it for the benefit of the customers and business enterprises.

He added that ParityBit can provide the necessary needs of government and enterprise to promote data and at the time maximize the potential of data. 

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Through its technologies and analytics, ParityBit can unify enterprise organizations that are operating in silos since it can handle several technology concerns ranging from cybersecurity and protection issues. 


Arkshop is a PET-enhanced AI platform that comes with innovative tools and cloud computing. The open platform works best with Amazon Web Services, according to ParityBit.

Founded in 2021, ParityBit has subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong, and the United States with over 360 employees worldwide. It focuses on big data using AI and PET to build an open data ecosystem and data-sharing collaborative environment based on data security and personal privacy protection.

It is developing The Internet of Data and Computing (IoDC) based on technologies that protect data privacy and security, allowing data to be utilized with proper authorization and protection. Through this, ParityBit aims to help organizations facilitate data-driven commercial opportunities to realize data value.

ParityBit believes that organizations in the Philippines can accelerate the adoption of AI applications. It can simplify AI development, protect data value, and lower application costs.

With Arkshop, ParityBit can offer flexible computation and storage, and a pay-as-you-go arrangement. It supports end-to-end AI lifecycle development such as training, deployment, and optimization as well as multiple AI frameworks and AutoML.

Using its platform, ParityBit said the duration of processing depends on the amount of data that companies want to be analyzed and structured.

In photo: Dr. Lintao Zhang, Chief Scientist of ParityBit