HID Global HID FARGO HDP6600 ID printer

HID Global unveils ‘retransfer’ printer for personalizing ID cards

Identity solutions firm HID Global recently released HID FARGO HDP6600 printer under the HID FARGO brand for ID card printers.

HID FARGO HDP6600 is built on the foundation of six generations of retransfer technology, which also promises “high-definition printing” and “wasteless” lamination solutions. It aims to deliver a reliable, high-volume, high-quality card and ID production at an ultra-low cost-per-card.

Newly available in 2022, HID’s latest release includes new features such as resin scramble data protection, a multipass function for added card durability, and AES-256 encryption, among others.

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HID has achieved breakthrough card throughput speeds by combining patent-pending iON “instant on” technology with other advancements to enable simultaneous film printing and card retransfer processes. This unique approach reduces the time it takes to print the first card to an industry-low 60 seconds, cutting average annual wait times up to 20 hours for printed and laminated cards while enabling overall throughput of up to 230 cards per hour.

Retransfer technology

“With the HID FARGO HDP6600 printer, HID Global has redefined retransfer technology innovation,” said Lee Wei Jin, regional director of Secure Issuance, Asia Pacific at HID Global. “We looked at this well-established product category with new eyes to deliver the features and capabilities that are in highest demand from government, enterprise, and higher education customers. The HID FARGO HDP6600 is not only breathtakingly fast and efficient, but it represents a whole new way to think about retransfer printing.”

Another benefit of the new HID FARGO printer is the image and color quality of each ID card. The HDP6600 printer’s true 600 DPI resolution and precision color panel registration enable sharper text, crisper barcodes, and more vibrant colors than possible with other products that use dithering techniques that can only approximate this image quality.

The printer uses a multi-tasking architecture supported by a full gigabyte of memory to help enable its faster card throughput speeds and has been designed so that the card path and film and ribbon drawer assemblies are easier to access and service. The HDP6600 is field-upgradable with optional modules including a card flattener, dual-side flipper, wasteless lamination, and choice of magnetic, contact and contactless encoders plus a programmer option for encoding physical access control system data.