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Hitachi Vantara unveils high-end enterprise storage

Digitalization and virtualization are evolving and as new types of data-intensive workload become the norm, organizations are looking for a robust and reliable data storage infrastructure. As a response to this development, Hitachi Vantara, a data systems provider that is wholly owned by Hitachi Ltd., introduced its latest next-generation high-end storage and infrastructure foundation, the MultiCloud NVMe Flash Array VSP 5000.

According to Kiat Wee Ang, tech expert for data management and protection, Hitachi Vantara, Asia Pacific, the Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000 is built to meet the changing and challenging needs of CIOs (chief information officers) and organizations.
The VSP 5000 is a major advancement for organizations that are looking to modernize their data center to meet the demanding service-level requirements across a wide range of workloads and edge-to-core-to-multicloud deployment models.

“VSP 5000 is a new standard in enterprise storage that can be used to power an organization’s next-gen infrastructure,” Ang said. “The main thing for our customers is really to maximize their resources in order to achieve better outcomes. In many cases for private companies that will be to monetize their data. We help customers discover, integrate, and orchestrate their data.”

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The VSP 5000 series is a completely new, enterprise-class flash array optimized to deliver best-in-class performance and resiliency by taking full advantage of SAS architecture, NVMe, and storage-class memory (SCM). Powered by the new Hitachi Accelerator Fabric, it is the world’s fastest NVMe flash array, which can help users get to insights and business outcomes faster with up to 21 million IOPS (IOPS (input/output operations per second). Resource-intensive application owners can also see a dramatic improvement with response times as low as 70 microseconds.

Organizations undergoing or upgrading their digital transformation efforts adopt the cloud to modernize their application services. Hitachi VSP 5000’s foundation is based on the demand for emerging technologies and it was built to become a workhorse in a data-driven ecosystem.

The top concern among organizations, and not only among CIOs, is the downtime in business operations, which could mean the loss not only of revenue but also loss of customer confidence.

Varghese Mathew, business director in the Philippines of Hitachi Vantara, assures that the Hitachi VSP 5000 requires no downtime. He explained that it operates simultaneously that if the data center where it is hosted experience an outage, for example, it continues to operate because it is still running on the other data center.


“We offer a 100% data availability guarantee,” Ang said. “The system that we offer in VSP 5000 is engineered for 8 9s (99.999999) in terms of availability.”

With VSP 5000, customers requiring nonstop operations can survive a regional outage, Hitachi’s Global-Active Device (GAD) is available for the VSP 5000 Series and delivers synchronous clustering of applications between sites that are up to 500 kilometers apart.

VSP 5000 also offers an intelligent way of provisioning not only storage but also virtual machines for the customer, coupled with workflows, and approvals. it also has the ability for an end-to-end view of the customer landscape.

“In a quick fashion, within a few seconds, we can figure out what’s the cause of any performance bottleneck,” Ang said.

VSP 5000 makes integration of key applications, especially with SAP HANA, an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system. Hitachi Vantara is certified to support 222 HANA notes, which is significantly higher compared to what others offer, according to Ang.

Organizations that already have existing infrastructure can upgrade to VSP 5000 without scrapping their legacy system. VSP 5000 can extend the benefits of its features on to the legacy storage. It can apply data reduction techniques to legacy storage. Hitachi assures of non-disruptive non-disruptive migration approach.

“There is no downtime for customers mainly through their migration, so it fits into the requirement of a 24/7 always-on requirement from customers,” Ang said.

Mathew said VSP 5000 is ideal not only to organizations that offer financial services but also to companies that are into distribution, telecommunications, utilities, and even government.