HP Amplify partner program aims to help clients navigate new biz landscape

The new business landscape calls for programs that would allow companies to provide effective and consistent end-customer experiences. Technology company HP just launched the HP Amplify channel partner program that is aimed at giving clients the flexibility to evolve with the changing digital environment.

In a virtual presser, HP executives explained the importance of keeping products and training into one “intuitive” program. The main goal is to make it simpler than before so clients can easily navigate the shift in the business operations landscape caused by the pandemic.

HP Amplify is built into two distinct tracks: Synergy and Power. It features clear compensation levels and gives partners the flexibility to invest in value-added services and capabilities. The more a partner invests in these capabilities, the higher the rewards. It also provides the insights, capabilities, and collaboration tools needed to drive growth as digital transformation and customer purchasing behaviors continue to evolve.

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“Today’s buyer expects streamlined, automated, and personalized experiences. To thrive in this changing environment — with data as the new currency — requires a combined shift to relate to our customers as individuals, not markets,” said Ng Tian Chong, Managing Director, Greater Asia, HP Inc. “HP Amplify not only makes it easier for partners to do business with HP — it provides partners with a clear path to ready their business and succeed in today’s environment and beyond — to capitalize on emerging trends and play a central role in the evolving customer buying journey.”

Designed to enable progressive go-to-market strategies that cater to a combination of transactional, contractual, and hybrid selling models, HP Amplify focuses on three core pillars: performance, capabilities and collaboration.

Data analytics

HP Amplify is designed to turn data analytics into deeper insights that will assist clients in formulating their own business strategies. HP assures partners that it will collaborate closely with them to hone their digital skills in areas such as automation for quotes and orders. This will give them the opportunity to maximize their time and manpower.

“HP and its partners have an enormous and exciting opportunity to reinvent the way we do business and our route-to-market,” said David Tan, Head of Channel, Omni and Supplies Sales, Greater Asia, HP Inc. “Yet addressing these opportunities requires overcoming system inadequacies, legacy habits and embracing new business models. We’re making this leap together, embracing and investing in important changes to our ecosystem and our shared capabilities.”

Partner rewards

As the traditional sales model has been upended, so too has the traditional channel compensation model. While the new program will continue to reward partners based on goals and volume, HP Amplify features an innovative measurement and reward system that accounts for the many strategic efforts partners employ throughout the holistic sales process, from registration volume to average sales value and account retention.

Beyond sales revenue alone, HP Amplify measures rewards based on new capabilities, including investing in and improving digital skills, service delivery capabilities, e-commerce or omnichannel experiences, and secure data collaboration.

Capabilities will be specialized and tailored to the sectors customers operate within, creating more personalized experiences, and driving invaluable outcomes. HP Amplify rewards partners who invest in the capabilities to compete — and win — in a world dominated by e-commerce and digital-led customer journeys and experiences. The more capabilities around secure data collection, routes to market, services, and specializations, the more access, and benefits partners will receive.

The new program goes into effect on Nov. 1, 2020, for commercial partners with retail partners slated to transition in the second half of 2021.

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