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HP strengthens partnership program with HP Amplify Impact, local initiatives

After releasing its comprehensive climate change action goals, technology company HP Inc. (HP) now involves its partners in developing a circular economy with HP Amplify Impact. Launched in February 2021, the program will allow HP to assess its partners’ own practices while tapping into the company’s investments and initiatives.

Aside from assessment, HP will also conduct training programs that are hoped to drive meaningful change in the environment. The company’s three Sustainable Impact pillars include:

  • Planet, with an emphasis on climate change
  • People with an emphasis on human rights and social justice
  • Community with an emphasis on bridging the digital divide.

HP hopes to involve half of its partners in HP Amplify by 2025. Together with HP, they will craft their own sustainability programs that will yield an impact on the environment and the world.

Low-carbon economy

“Our goal is to work with our partners to help drive a more circular and low-carbon economy, cultivate a more diverse, inclusive and equitable supply chain and improve the vitality and resilience of local communities,” said David Tan, head of Channels and Supplies Sales, HP Inc. “As Asia is set to lead the global return growth and up the pace of innovation, HP partners have a unique opportunity to join in this journey to put planet, people and community at the core of their business and become genuine customer-centric partners to their customers, while creating a more sustainable and just world.”

According to HP, the mission of the program is to drive accountability throughout the IT industry.

As reflected in HP’s annual Sustainable Impact Report, a commitment to Sustainable Impact isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also good for business. In 2020, Sustainable Impact helped HP win more than $1 billion in new sales.

It also reflects the changing role of corporations in society.

HP emphasized its commitment to creating value for its shareholders while building a brighter future for all stakeholders. As a result of decades spent working toward sustainability goals to create positive change, HP is recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable companies and is well-poised to support the HP Amplify partner community with the resources required to identify potential gaps and provide the guidance necessary to achieve partner goals.


HP Philippines has its own locally initiated channel program, this time, to help its partners recover from the pandemic through a one-stop online platform where they can conveniently and securely make their transactions while ensuring that they’re only getting authorized HP products and solutions.

“With the constant, disruptive change, HP is here to strive with purpose, alongside our partners, and have this shared commitment of leading transformative change and empowering Filipinos to succeed in life and work,” said Christian Edmond Reyes, managing director, Philippines, HP Inc. ” In partnership with Peer Connexions, a start-up company that is equally innovative, we’ve developed the program to ensure a more seamless experience for our partners, a first in the industry and even in Southeast Asia. This allows us to achieve our end goal of making it easier and efficient to do business with HP.”

The online platform was also built to empower small business owners and enable them to have a stronger voice within HP’s channel network as it provides them with immediate access to products and services available. It is equipped with features that offer partners an informative, convenient, and efficient way to find what they need in one location. This includes:

• Accessibility of product information such as prices and availability without having to visit multiple distributors
• A filter option to enable comparison of products from different categories
• A promotions tab to keep up-to-date with the latest HP offerings and an option to subscribe to the HP Loyalty Program to earn extra credits from all purchases done on the site

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