Huawei maintains steady growth in enterprise market in 2019

In its 2019 Annual Report, Chinese technology firm Huawei said the company’s global sales revenue was up 19.1% year-on-year with the enterprise market up 8.6%. The company credits the enterprise business for being one of the key drivers in the overall growth.

Huawei has a global network of partners reaching 28,000 worldwide, which contributes up to 86% of the global revenue of the business group. In spite of the setbacks the company experienced in terms of international trade relations, Huawei continued to ramp up its research and development and bolster investments in emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud.

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Huawei Cloud has launched more than 200 cloud services and 190 solutions, while more than three million enterprise users and developers currently use the company’s cloud solutions to develop products and solutions. Also last year, Huawei launched CloudEngine 16800, the industry’s first data center, which has been commercially deployed in more than 150 enterprise data centers around the world.

Intelligent campuses

As of 2019, Huawei has partnered with more than 4,200 service providers serving over 50,000 customers around the world. The company has participated in smart city projects in more than 200 cities across over 40 countries and regions, as well as assisting more than 1,000 financial institutions with digital transformation in terms of inclusive finance, data-driven service innovation, and open banking.

Huawei serves more than 170 urban rail lines in over 70 cities worldwide, striving to build integrated transportation systems for global cities. Building on the experience gained from its own digital transformation, Huawei has built intelligent campuses for more than 300 customers. Through innovative ICT technologies, Huawei helps various sectors including manufacturing and energy reshape their manufacturing and value chains while boosting the upgrade of their intelligent systems.