IBM launches new AI designed for IT ops automation

In its annual Think Digital conference held virtually amid the global health crisis, technology company IBM announced a newly designed AI (artificial intelligence) technology specially intended for CIOs so they can easily automate their IT infrastructure to benefit more customers.

The IBM Watson AIOps is a new offering that uses AI to automate how enterprises self-detect, diagnose, and respond to IT anomalies in real-time. Unforeseen IT incidents and outages can cost businesses in both revenue and reputation. The new product aims to help CIOs better predict and shape future outcomes, focus resources on higher-value work, and build more responsive and intelligent networks that can stay up and running longer.

Built on the latest release of Red Hat OpenShift, it runs across hybrid cloud environments and works in sync with technologies at the center of today’s distributed work environments, such as Slack and Box. It also works with providers of traditional IT monitoring solutions, such as Mattermost and ServiceNow.

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IBM Cloud Modernization

As part of the rollout, IBM also announced the Accelerator for Application Modernization with AI, within IBM’s Cloud Modernization service. This new capability is designed to help clients reduce the overall effort and costs associated with application modernization. The accelerator leverages continuous learning and interpretable AI models to adapt to the client’s preferred software engineering practices and stays up-to-date with the evolution of technology and platforms.

Many of the technologies underlying Watson AIOps and the Accelerator for Application Modernization were developed in IBM Research.

In addition to automating IT operations, IBM is announcing a series of new and updated capabilities designed to give CIOs a playbook for operating in this new environment. The new capabilities are designed to help:

Automate Business Planning
IBM Cloud Pak for Data, IBM’s fully-integrated data and AI platform has been updated with a host of new capabilities designed to help business leaders automate access to critical business-ready data.

Automate Business Operations
A major new update to IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, software for designing, building and running automation apps, enables clients to more easily create AI “digital worker” automation solutions. The new capabilities can help simplify how organizations digitize automation skills, such as data capture, task automation, and business routing.

Automate Call Centers
IBM Watson Assistant, IBM’s AI-based conversation platform, has also been updated to help intelligently automate the most complex, knowledge-intensive interactions and drive improved customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs. Assistant now has a pre-built user interface that requires no development effort to deploy and is designed with user experience-based best practices.