Investor relations company brings blockchain-based certificate to PH

R3D Global recently unveiled its blockchain-based universal certification platform called DigiCerts at the 3rd National Technology Business Incubator (TBI) Summit, which is part of the Philippine Startup Week 2019. R3D Global is also promoting a new pilot program for issuing educational certificates to graduates on the blockchain network.

Among the first institutions to onboard the program are DSLU Animo Labs Foundation Inc., Siliman University, Samar State University, and the University of Southeastern Philippines.

DigiCerts is the latest technology project embraced by R3D Global. It utilizes a blockchain technology protocol, which is a secure and tamper-resistant platform. Users of DigiCerts are given ownership of their digital assets and will be able to share directly with anyone who requires access. The system replaces traditional paper-based certificates, providing security, permanence, and accessibility while abating potential fraud cases.

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“DigiCerts will allow educational institutions to issue digital certificates as proof of achievement or completion. We are excited to cater Digicerts™ in the Philippines and add value to the global certificate issuance process for the universities and their students,” said Florence Fang, CEO of R3D Global. “The EduTech market is a huge opportunity with over 2,300 universities and colleges in the Philippines alone.”

The global upsurge of educational fraud threatens to devalue higher education and undermines academic integrity whilst harming institutional reputations. DigiCerts fosters security and trust without the need for an intermediary to validate transactions in the education sector. At the same time, it transforms job applications as DigiCerts allows employers to check on a new hire’s credentials through a secure registry of academic qualifications.

“With DigiCerts in place, we look forward to labor-savings and a fast, efficient and secure way to issue certificates that are the most valuable to a graduate,” he added.

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