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Investors can now buy bonds via ATRAM’s new investment app 

Investors who are looking to invest in Retail Treasury Bonds can now do so, quite easily, using the ATRAM Prime app, the latest offering from the Philippines’ standalone asset management company. 

“We’ve seen increasing demand for direct bonds in the retail market, and now through the ATRAM Prime app, we’re excited to bring an easier way for Filipinos to build a more robust investment portfolio, to help them achieve their goals of financial freedom,” said Virgil Banta, vice president, ATRAM Prime.

In photo: Deanno Basas, CEO, ATRAM Digital, (far left) at the launch of ATRAM Prime app

Bonds are backed by the government, which makes them an attractive option for diversifying portfolios. Investors can earn up to 5.8% p.a. for a five-year government bond. 

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Prior to having an app like ATRAM Prime, accessing bonds could be quite challenging as people typically need to visit banks or financial institutions in order to invest. The ATRAM Prime app cuts through the difficulties of conventional investing and opens up access to retail treasury bonds through your mobile phone.

Paying for investments, receiving returns, managing portfolio, and tracking the performance of individual investments can all be done through just one app. 

“With the launch of direct bonds to strengthen our product suite, we believe we’re well on our way to our goal of providing the best investing experience to help our clients achieve their financial goals,” Banta said.

Signing up only takes minutes and each investor gains access to a dedicated client advisor who can help make their investment journey better and more fruitful. The app’s intuitive interface makes navigation easier and ATRAM Prime’s client services team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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