IPC, Conversant partnership paves way for PH’s first enterprise-level content delivery network service

Many of the content delivery networks (CDN) used by enterprises are hosted overseas, which racks up the cost of the service. IPC, a local cloud services company and an ePLDT company, will now be offering local CDN in partnership with Conversant Solutions, a Singapore-based digital media solutions provider.

IPC Contentcast CDN promises not only to bring down the cost but also speed up CDN services mainly because it is closer geographically to the user. It claims to have up to four to five times more economical than other subscription-based CDN offerings.

IPC provides local and regional enterprises with managed data services and business solutions. It is a data center and a telecommunications and cloud services company. Conversant, on the other hand, is a privately held technology company with a strong regional presence in Asia with a focus on developing and offering hybrid cloud-based services for digital media enablement.

Customer experience

“IPC is able to empower industries more by providing a CDN service that helps organizations establish a reliable global presence by eliminating issues that interrupt long-distance online transactions as well as the delivery of digital content, affecting customer experience and thus, resulting in revenue loss,” said Dave De Leon, chief operating officer at IPC. “CDN is a logical step toward becoming a future-ready digital business.”


Dave de Leon, second from left, chief operating officer of IPC during the launch of the company’s partnership with Conversant Solutions.

CDN acts as an intermediary between the point of origin of data and an internet-connected device. Through a network of servers located around the world, member companies can deliver digital content, such as websites or videos, faster, safer and more reliably to end-users.

He added that the proximity of CDNs will also make customer experience “a lot better” than before. Businesses like online retail shops require fast delivery of services otherwise a lag of a few seconds may mean a lost purchase. CDNs based overseas have to go through layers of nodes for one transaction.

“A service like this enhances the use of the internet,” De Leon said. “IPC’s cloud services have a strong foundation and infrastructure.”

De Leon also shared how IPC to will be able to maximize the partnership with Conversant in serving its regional and even global clients better.


Conversant Solutions’ local partner, Pagecom, will make the technology available to Philippine-based service providers. CDN services are highly critical for organizations that require accelerated or real-time delivery of digital content and transactions online such as the financial, e-commerce, and broadcast entertainment sectors (e.g. online gaming, video streaming).

Cheong Kong Wei, founder and CEO of Conversant, said that scalability is also another benefit of local CDN as it has the capability to handle a significant amount of work by a system, network, or process.

“This strategic alliance allows IPC to provide CDN services to its customers by leveraging on the reach and scale of our network, through our SwiftFederation Partners,” he said.

In terms of data security, De Leon assured its customers that IPC has a suite of cybersecurity services that will be able to mitigate, prevent, or deal with attacks.