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Job opportunities expand as workforce shifts priorities — JobStreet

After experiencing remote or hybrid work setup, employees now are looking for more possibilities and are more discerning in their job and company choices.

According to online job portal JobStreet Philippines (JobStreet), 80% of respondents in its study have shown a preference for a more flexible working environment. Applicants these days would check several factors such as time away from family, time spent commuting to and from work, as well as company values before accepting job offers.

According to JobStreet, the work environment is experiencing “The Great Reshuffle,” a phase where employees leave their jobs in search of more fulfilling roles that provide the flexibility they are looking for. According to their 2021 Global Talent Survey, 67% of Filipino employees have chosen to prioritize their health and well-being over work.

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The survey saw that 53% of employees would prefer keeping a remote work set-up even if it means additional 10 hours of extra work per week, and 41% would accept a lower salary as long as they can move to a more affordable location.

“Employees have many things to consider whether a job is worth it or not. Jobseekers are now taking their time to reassess not only their careers but their personal life. That is why, as a career partner, we aim to provide a venue where applicants can have the liberty to decide on which role they wish to pursue,” said Kim Viray, marketing head, JobStreet Philippines.

More job opportunities

The evolving priorities among job seekers also opened up more opportunities for them. Some applicants have moved to the provinces upon realizing that remote work is possible and occasional onsite visits are not that big of a problem.

To give job seekers choices in their job hunting, JobStreet and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) are holding a week-long Virtual Career Fair on June 13-17. The job fair will feature over 75,000 jobs — be it remote, provincial, or entry-level roles from more than a hundred companies.

In general, the top work-from-home jobs are Encoder, Engineer, Office Staff, Virtual Assistant, Architect, Information Technology Roles, and many more. Fresh graduates can also check out some entry-level roles available including Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Sales, and Office Staff, among others.

In Luzon, the top available opportunities for candidates are Customer Service Representative, Sales, Teacher, Engineer, Administrative Assistant, System Developer, etc. Meanwhile, in Visayas and Mindanao, jobseekers may apply for the roles such as Teacher, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Officer, Medical Staff, and more.

“In this career fair, we want to highlight different employment types available for our candidates as they are rethinking their approach to the concept of work. We thank DTI for trusting us to be their partner in this initiative, to provide jobs that are aligned with the applicants’ values and preferences,” said Philip Gioca, country manager, JobStreet Philippines.


The Virtual Career Fair in partnership with DTI features a mobile-first design, so candidates can also apply for jobs via the JobStreet mobile app. Furthermore, applicants can view their saved jobs, check out their scheduled interviews, bookmark the webinars, and send live chats directly to the hirers.

Candidates who will participate in the Virtual Career Fair can catch the series of webinars hosted by JobStreet’s online education partner, LUNA Academy. Applicants can learn about Tips on getting ahead in the job application process, or finding a dream job, and tips on crafting a good Curriculum Vitae.

Candidates who will register for the said event will also get the chance to win exciting prizes from JobStreet, varying from gift vouchers, gadgets, and home office essentials, to a staycation in Boracay.