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JobStreet launches TikTok account to reach more jobseekers

Online job portal JobStreet Philippines has expanded its efforts to empower young Filipino job seekers when it launched its official TikTok account, featuring various content to promote career advancement.

On its official page, JobStreet Philippines showcases useful tips and advice from industry professionals, the latest job trends, and other creative and fun content that every employee and job seeker can relate to. The account will also feature any upcoming event updates or campaign announcements.

From being a job-hunting platform, JobStreet has extended its channels to social media to reach out to the highly digital labor market in the country. With this, JobStreet hopes to connect with the future workforce and Filipino job seekers overall through TikTok, along with its upgraded mobile app and Facebook page.

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TikTok is a social media platform best known for its built-in recording and editing features that make it easy for users to post videos.

“We’re always looking for different ways to reach a wider audience, but especially today’s Gen Zs that have been affected by this pandemic,” said Kim Viray, head of Marketing, JobStreet Philippines. “They are facing so many unprecedented challenges like the disruption of their education and overall training, and JobStreet Philippines hopes to help guide and empower both new graduates and job seekers to be future-ready in their career.”

Viray said he envisions JobStreet Philippines’ official TikTok page to be the go-to channel of younger job seekers for informative and educational yet entertaining content related to work. JobStreet Philippines is also planning to collaborate with student organizations and content creators to appeal more to their target audience.