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JobStreet shares top 10 jobs to apply for in 2023

Online employment platform JobStreet shared that the top 10 in-demand roles that have the highest job posts come from different industries — from financial services to IT or computer software to sales.

“We’re expecting more job opportunities coming in the next few months, especially now that things are going back to normal and going more digital,” said Philip Gioca, country manager, JobStreet Philippines. “Likewise, competition among talents is tougher, so jobseekers are encouraged to learn new skills and tools, rehearse for interviews, and put their best foot forward.”

Based on the latest JobStreet database, the top 10 specializations it recorded on its platform include: Customer Service, Finance–General/Cost Accounting, IT/Computer–Software, Clerical/Administrative Support, Human Resources, Marketing/Business Development, Education, Sales – Retail/General, Banking/Financial Services, and Sales – Corporate. 

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In a previous report, JobStreet said job hiring is now reaching the pre-pandemic levels with companies filling positions as the economy recovers. Currently, there are more than 75,000 jobs available on the platform. Over 53,000 of these are opportunities from Luzon, while applicants from Visayas and Mindanao have more than 15,000 jobs to explore. 

The top 10 in-demand roles that have the highest job posts recently are Customer Service Representative, Teacher, Administration Officer, Call Center Operator, Nurse, Software Engineer, Team Leader, Business Analyst, Sales Associate, and Engineer. 

For top industries that have the most hirings as of recently, JobStreet lists down Call Center/IT-Enabled Services/BPO, Human Resources Management/Consulting, Education, Retail/Merchandise, Government/Defence, Computer/IT-Software, Manufacturing/Production, Electrical & Electronics, Banking/Financial Services, and Construction/Building/Engineering.