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JobStreet revamps job posting packages for employers

Online job portal JobStreet by SEEK has unveiled its newest job posting package to provide flexibility in the new employment landscape changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

JobStreet revamps its hirer consumption model that aims to build a fairer and more flexible career marketplace that benefits both employers and candidates, following the frequent demand for candidates due to subsequent resignations. 

Through the newest budget-based hirer package, employers will have access and flexibility to choose various job post types depending on their needs and avail of larger discounts with better planning and result. Every job post will automatically be deducted from the consumable budget and the remaining balance is ready for use for their next posting whenever needed.

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According to JobStreet, many companies are facing recruitment challenges in the new normal, one of which is the unpredictability of its hired talents. 

Talent pool

“We’ve observed that hirers have been experiencing uncertainty when it comes to hiring talents,” said Kim Viray, head of Marketing at JobStreet Philippines. “They don’t know which positions will be vacant or how many employees will leave the company.”

A recent study shows that 4.6 million workers quit their jobs with the Philippines experiencing a 176% in voluntary resignation across all industries in a phenomenon called “The Great Resignation.”

“We recognize that hiring requirements are evolving based on industries, market trends, and supply and demand of jobseekers,” Viray said. “We want to help our hirers have that flexibility that is suitable for when the need arises in order for them to SEEK better when it comes to their employees.”

JobStreet currently has a talent pool of over 14.6 million jobseekers in the Philippines. The portal also has an advanced matching capability to provide relevant applications for employers.