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JobStreet survey finds Filipinos open to learning new skills to stay competitive

The Filipino workforce is now more open to reskilling or upskilling if this could help them keep and land a job, according to JobStreet’s Decoding Global Talent Survey released in May.

The online job platform survey found that 77% of the respondents are open to learning a new set of skills if required for a new job. Only 1% are not as keen as the majority in terms of reskilling.

“Job roles are transforming faster than ever and both hirers and candidates must understand the need for upskilling for them to be more competitive and employable, respectively,” said Philip Gioca, country manager, JobStreet Philippines. “Besides, it sustains a culture of learning in the workplace, hence improving overall productivity and resiliency at the time of crisis.”

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But while respondents are willing to be retrained, 70% said they prefer to learn in the traditional on-the-job training format, followed by self-study at 63%, and conferences and seminars at 56%.


The JobStreet survey also looked into the effects of automation when it comes to job security, given that the view on artificial intelligence is not favorable with some people thinking that the technology might take them their jobs away. Automation actually leads to new types of jobs which makes reskilling and upskilling even more necessary these days.

“We can see that automation has become a key factor in the workplace, so it is an advantage to learn digital skills regardless of your job role,” Gioca said.

JobStreet recommends for companies to build plans to expand the skills of their workers especially those in customer service, service sector, administration and secretariat, and arts and creative work, which are at higher risk.

Employees in lower-risk jobs such as management, engineering and technical, science and research, Law, Health and Medicine, Social Care, IT and Technology, and Digitalization and Automation are also recommended to upskill or be trained to stay relevant.


To help job seekers and employers find a match, JobStreet is simplifying its process with a five-day “Job To Cart” online event on July 26-30. As the name suggests, applicants will just fill in a few details — just like creating a profile on e-commerce sites — and they can quickly look for jobs, apply, and wait.

Applications are done through easy-to-use chatbots and live chat features with participating employers.

Day 1 will be dedicated to Luzon-based jobs, then on Day 2, available positions from Visayas-Mindanao jobs will be added. Day 3 is launching entry-level jobs, while Day 4 introduces overseas opportunities, and Day 5 opens government support and services.

Candidates can also catch JobStreet’s Facebook Live Shows, featuring special musical guests Fighting Monday, Reese Lansangan, and The Juans. Guests will also talk about their experiences in job searching and working in an office. With the help of hosts Show Suzuki and Bea Benedicto, JobStreet will also present job vacancies that are up for grabs through “Job To Cart” during the livestream.

Job seekers can pre-register now through this link.