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Pru Life UK launches financial literacy program for teachers

Life insurer Pru Life UK introduced the Pru e-FinLit, which aims to educate teachers on financial literacy. More than 1,000 from the Department of Education (DepEd) – Division of Negros Occidental participated in the virtual program recently.

Pru Life UK Online Professional Certification Training Program on Financial Literacy (Pru e-FinLite) is a free online course that aims to equip Filipinos with financial literacy knowledge and skills that would enable them to handle properly their finances, maximize their resources, and achieve their financial and life goals through guidance on financial management.

This program is part of Pru Life UK’s We DO Education commitment, which aims to help more Filipinos become money smart to be able to get the most out of life.

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So far, the program has certified 2,154 teachers who have passed the course in July, nearing its target of 2,500 teachers in Negros Occidental.

DepEd’s financial literacy policy

DepEd started implementing a Financial Education Policy that will teach public and private school learners about financial literary and help them achieve financial health in the future.

“The active support and involvement in furthering our financial literacy program for the youth across Negros Occidental through Cha-Ching, in partnership with the Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm of Prudential businesses in Asia and Africa, has been crucial in the success of our program, and for that, Pru Life UK is beyond grateful and wish to pay it forward by offering our educators and co-advocates this PRU e-FinLit Program,” said Allan Tumbaga, SVP and chief customer marketing officer, Pru Life UK.

Hosted through the content management platform Moodle, the course can be accessed 24/7 across different web browsers and devices, allowing teachers the flexibility to take the course, at their own pace and preferred time. Certificates are also be generated online for each level of the course completed.

PRU e-FinLit provides various learning tools to ensure understanding and practical application of key concepts in the course. This includes comics that portray relatable real-life scenarios, quizzes that serve as learning checkpoints, videos that offer a visual representation of topics, as well as assignments that help teachers reflect on and assess their financial state and goals further.

PRU e-FinLit levels

PRU e-FinLit is composed of two parts that offer a practical guide to the foundations of the financial management process: the Basic and Advanced levels.

The Basic level provides an overview of the financial management course and details of each step in the process. It consists of three modules which are:

  • Personal Financial Assessment – to help teachers determine personal attitudes toward finances and their current financial state
  • Financial Goals – to offer a better understanding of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based (SMART) financial goals, and
  • Financial Management Process – to introduce key concepts in financial management and explain how good financial management can improve one’s overall financial state.

The Advanced level, on the other hand, will soon be made available to teachers who can complete the Basic level of the course. It consists of five modules designed to help teachers grow and protect their finances, manage debts wisely, and prepare for retirement.