Kaspersky unveils new data feed for industrial vulnerabilities detection

Cybersecurity solutions company Kaspersky launched a new machine-readable Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) data feed for the automated detection of vulnerabilities in operational technology (OT) software.

Kaspersky Industrial OVAL Data Feed for Windows promises to deliver comprehensive intelligence about vulnerabilities in the most popular SCADA and distributed control systems (DCS) based on data from multiple sources, analyzed and updated by Kaspersky experts, as well as instructions for mitigation. The feed is delivered in XML format for integration with vulnerability management solutions that support the OVAL standard.

The number of vulnerabilities discovered in industrial automation software is substantial and raises concern. For example, the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) contains thousands of known vulnerabilities in popular software used in automation, manufacturing execution, and distributed control systems, and many more recordings of known vulnerabilities in various industrial software solutions.

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Kaspersky Industrial OVAL Data Feed for Windows applies OVAL specifications dedicated to the standardized transfer of vulnerability information across various security tools and services. It helps industrial organizations enhance vulnerability detection and assessment of SCADA and other OT software.

OVAL standard

The product is integrated into a customer’s industrial vulnerability management solution and can be used with open-source OVAL interpreters. It provides detailed information about detected flaws: their description, affected software name and versions, severity score and metrics (CVSS), and it also recommends measures for mitigation. The feed covers products from the world’s leading vendors such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, Yokogawa, Emerson, and more to come according to the needs of Kaspersky clients.

Kaspersky ICS CERT experts collect data and build their intelligence about vulnerabilities through continuous monitoring of third-party sources, such as MITRE, national vulnerability database (NVD), US-CERT, vendors, and communities, but also conducting their own research. The team carefully analyzes all the data and tests it against possible errors that may affect correct detection and assessment. The mitigation measures they provide for vulnerabilities are based on their extensive experience in OT threat protection and SCADA vendors’ recommendations.

“OVAL standard is actively used to describe vulnerabilities or proper system configurations for known software,” said Mikhail Berezin, Head of ICS CERT Products at Kaspersky. “However, the market lacks a comprehensive and high-quality OVAL data source for the software used in industrial control systems. Our new feed fills this gap and provides sufficient coverage for ICS-related software. It will help industrial organizations enhance the automated process of vulnerability assessment while raising its effectiveness. And we are happy to prove it during projects with our customers.”

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