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Lenovo advances use of smarter technology with new partnership

Through its partnership with one of the major distributors of e-learning materials in the country, FELTA Multi-Media Inc., Lenovo Philippines will be able to reach more institutions with its Smarter Technology for All Solutions.

With the help of FELTA, institutions can now avail themselves of Lenovo’s smarter technology — the virtual instruction studio setup and movable training kit — which were designed to help students and educators save time, create comfort and enjoy convenience. 

Schools and educators are facing challenges to build and deploy distance learning programs rapidly and at scale while encouraging students’ engagement the same time providing a holistic learning experience. Lenovo is committed to building smarter education and offers educational institutions options for more dedicated and tailored support along their digital transformation journey.

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“Through partnering with FELTA, we curate solutions to support the digital learning ecosystem and enable educators to engage students and deliver compelling and effective learning content in a distance learning environment,” Michael Ngan, president and general manager of Lenovo Philippines, said in a media release.

Virtual Instruction Studio

For educational institutions embarking on a transformation journey, Lenovo offers options for more dedicated and tailored support which frees up IT resources and lets consumers focus on what matters most, building smarter education.

Teachers who wish to increase student engagement may do so through the virtual instruction setup. The green screen enables live teaching and interaction between teachers and students by projecting themselves as news anchors in a TV studio. Live broadcasting is also published simultaneously on platforms like Facebook and YouTube via Teams as necessary. 

Movable Training Kit

This was designed for teachers who constantly need to move from one room to another. With tech equipment such as a webcam, monitor, and control console mounted on the wheeled stand, they can now enjoy more comfortable and mobile teaching. This is best suited for healthcare courses and culinary workshops.

Prior to the contract signing, FELTA has been distributing Lenovo ThinkStation P530 to both public and private schools. It helped institutions produce high-end audio files and create VR content which is beneficial for their students’ learning. Amidst their long-standing partnership, this is the first time for FELTA to distribute Lenovo-powered setups.