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Lenovo EdVision pushes for change to fully realize the modern classroom

The annual Lenovo EdVision Summit highlighted the need to evolve the modern classroom to enable the education sector to adapt to the new way of teaching. Evolving not only means trying out new technologies but also tweaking teaching methods to see what works in the new education landscape.

“Evolving approaches to teaching and learning are critical to ensuring that our students are ready for the rapidly changing world they will graduate into,” said Delia DeCourcy, senior manager, Global Education Solutions, Lenovo United States.

Launched in 2020, the Lenovo EdVision program was launched to improve the digital literacy and skills of students and provide resources and support to teachers to enable them to build their skills and capabilities in digital teaching. The program offers distance learning solutions with technology such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Education, for schools and industry partners to promote the digital transformation of education.

Lenovo holds first EdVision summit to discuss gaps in online learning
Lenovo offers tech assistance to the education sector amid shift to online learning

The program was recently updated to provide a more seamless hybrid classroom experience that offers the next level Lenovo Smart Education solutions. Hybrid learning is not just about taking classes online. Students need powerful, innovative technologies that empower them to learn more effectively, and collaborate better, without compromising on security. With a focus on M365 platform, the updated iteration of the program delivers students a more engaging learning experience. It also builds a community for educators to exchange their insights and strategies to navigate hybrid classrooms.

Collaboration with Microsoft

“We work with Microsoft to certify our educators in the Philippines to raise their digital skills. So far, we’ve trained and certified almost 500 educators and that’s something we plan to carry on,” said Micheal Ngan, general manager, Lenovo Philippines.

Ngan also emphasized the importance of the collaboration between hardware and software in addressing the challenges of online learning.

Lenovo underscored the importance of working with educators to design products that meet the rigors of e-learning.

“We are committed to being a trusted partner for educational institutions as they continue on their digital transformation journey, especially with the demand and necessity for online learning. We’ve learned a lot from two years of distance learning and we’re applying what we’ve learned into the solutions and services we offer in order to better serve our partners in delivering quality education,” Ngan said.

The EdVision Summit gathered leaders in the education technology industry, such as Lenovo and its partner Microsoft, along with members of the academe in the region to discuss best practices for the modern classroom, was successfully held on March 24th. Twenty-four speakers from seven markets, including the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and the United States, joined the Summit and expressed their thoughts on the future of education. It was attended by over 1,200 educators and stakeholders in the region with almost 700 coming from the Philippines.