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Lenovo rolls out Intel Optane-powered devices in PH

PC and smart devices company Lenovo launched recently a portfolio of devices featuring Intel Optane memory technology, a system acceleration solution found in 8th Generation or latest Intel Core Processors that boost a computer’s responsiveness to end-user requests.

It is designed to store commonly used data and programs closer to the processor. The system can access information more quickly with improved overall system responsiveness. According to Lenovo, official benchmarking results have shown the technology to be delivering up to 65 percent faster gameplay and up to 5x faster web browsing.

“With the new range of devices that feature Intel Optane technology, Lenovo users can now complete tasks significantly faster with shorter wait time than before,” said Michael Ngan, country general manager, Lenovo Philippines. “This is a huge boost in work efficiency and will allow students as well as working professionals greater productivity to achieve much more. In addition, the technology provides gamers a near-uninterruptible gaming experience, allowing them to fully immerse into their games,”

Ngan also notes the cost-effectiveness of Intel Optane devices, which allow HDD (Hard Drive Disk) systems to run nearly as fast as devices with expensive SSDs (Solid-state Drive), removing the need for users to upgrade.

The release of Intel Optane-powered devices is part of Lenovo’s objectives in bringing innovative technology to the market. This partnership with Intel is specifically aimed at providing end-users with powerful devices that deliver high performance in every task. Lenovo is expected to release other products across its consumer, commercial, and enterprise lineups with Intel Optane to make the technology’s benefits more accessible to the public.

“Be it at work or play, slow loading time can impact user experience. In more serious cases, it can lead to decreased productivity and revenue loss for businesses,” said Ngan. “Our partnership with Intel aims to help users avoid these unnecessary problems, by providing a seamless and near-uninterruptible experience to all Lenovo users.”

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