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Lenovo’s latest workstations built for productivity in hybrid work setup

The latest Lenovo ThinkStation and ThinkPad workstation solutions are designed to push the boundaries of performance that help unleash users’ potential while maintaining the reliability and usability needed across different industries.


The ThinkStation P3 series desktop workstations provide the value users need without compromising on performance or versatility.

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ThinkStation P3 Ultra enhances a revolutionary form factor that packs power and performance in a space-saving chassis that is less than four liters in volume. An intelligently compact workstation, P3 Ultra is designed to handle demanding workflows and easily adapt to changing hybrid workspaces.

ThinkStation P3 Tiny is engineered to go where other workstations can’t. Its class-leading size of one liter allows the P3 Tiny to fit into virtually any location.

ThinkPad mobile workstations

The latest ThinkPad P Series models provide human-centric innovations designed for hybrid work and to foster positive employee experiences, while also providing high levels of power and performance that allow users to do more on the go.

ThinkPad P14s i Gen 4 and P16s i Gen 2 provide a mix of performance and power at a comfortable price point without compromising security or durability.

ThinkPad P16v i is built for creators who require more power to handle large workloads and multitask with ease, it includes Intel Core H-Series processors, advanced graphics, and the latest security features to protect valuable data and identity on the move.

Extreme levels of mobile workstation performance are delivered by ThinkPad P16 Gen 2 and ThinkPad P1 Gen 6 allowing users to do complex workflows such as high-definition rendering and high-end VR on the go. P16 Gen 2 is focused on raw performance approaching that of some desktop workstations, with the highest-class mobile CPUs, professional NVIDIA RTX GPUs, and Lenovo’s highest-ever memory capacity in a mobile workstation with as much as 192GB. ThinkPad P1 now in its sixth generation focuses on producing top performance in a thin and light form factor without compromising on power or durability.