LinkedIn: Increased demand for talents with tech-related skills among SMBs

As businesses adapt to digitalization, the demand for talents with technology-related skills is expected to grow, this is according to the data from professional network LinkedIn which has more than 7 million members.

LinkedIn has found out that the fastest-growing skills needed for SMBs in the Philippines include graphic design, social media, (people with skills in) spreadsheet, user experience design, email management, virtual assistant, react native, back-end web development, data visualization, and transcription.

SMBs are looking at recruiting young talents to help them achieve their digitalization efforts. Generation Y, also known as millennials, make up 77% of SMB employees, while Generation Z, who have recently graduated from college and are stepping into their first jobs, account for 4%. Generation X and Baby Boomers comprise 16% and 3%, respectively, of SMB employees.

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Hiring challenges

While SMB owners’ priority is to run their day-to-day operations, spending time to understand skill gaps and develop a talent strategy is critical to the business. SMBs are looking to hire new employees with specific skills and qualities that would help create or maintain an efficient, professional and productive workplace. However, they often struggle with lean teams and budget constraints. This makes it challenging to recruit young and digitally-savvy professionals who have access to diverse information and career options. As SMBs look to attract the right talents, they can benefit from a more thoughtful approach to hiring.

“While today’s young professionals have a variety of options when looking for a job, we have found that they are drawn to opportunities that align with their purpose and enable them to develop themselves,” said Olivier Legrand, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, LinkedIn. “Small and medium business owners interested in attracting them to be part of their teams can benefit from being open about their own aspirations, cultivating authentic connections, and sharing growth opportunities available to employees.”

LinkedIn provided a guide for SMBs on the recruitment process.

1. Consider both the hard and soft skills needed for your business.
While the fastest rising skills reflect the efforts of SMBs to take advantage of platforms available today, new innovations may emerge in the near future. This signals to SMBs to also look at soft skills like creativity and critical thinking in the hiring process. These enable talent to respond to potential disruption or seize emerging possibilities for their business. By clearly communicating these when they post on LinkedIn Jobs, SMB employers enable the platform to match them to talent whose professional preferences align with their needs.

2. Showcase and celebrate your company’s culture and purpose.
Indicating interest in professional content, SMB employees in the Philippines follow 34 percent more company LinkedIn Pages compared to those working in large enterprises. SMB employers can take advantage of this by publishing job openings, posts, photos, videos, and articles about what it is like to work in their company. They can also explore LinkedIn’s new Open for Business feature that enables business owners to showcase their services on their page, making it easier for future employees or customers to find them.

3. Offer learning and development opportunities.
SMB employees in the Philippines are interested in learning and developing themselves. They are taking online classes on LinkedIn Learning, with courses tagged “Personal Development” topping their interest. SMB employers are encouraged to incorporate learning and development programs for their teammates. These can take the form of quick online courses that can be taken individually or as a group.

“Finding the right talent is one of the most important decisions SMBs can make in their journeys. While being more deliberate about hiring can take more time and effort, it can save them a lot of issues down the line, and open up more opportunities for business growth,” said Legrand.

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