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Loyal customer wins big in M Lhuillier’s Cash Away raffle promo

For Manila resident Wemilyn Lurica, M Lhuillier’s Avenida branch is her go-to place to send and receive money, apply for loans, and pay monthly bills. However, she didn’t expect that her Kwarta Padala, Quick Cash Loans, and Bills Payment transactions would help her win P50,000 in cold hard cash.

Lurica is one of the grand prize winners of M Lhuillier’s Cash Away Raffle Promo in the Caraga Region. This is just one of the many promos and initiatives that M Lhuillier has successfully launched in various regions in recent years.

Wemilyn trusts M Lhuillier for its fast and reliable system. She says that she is always satisfied with her experience whenever she does transactions with the country’s most trusted non-bank financial services company.

Her loyalty surely paid off with this huge blessing. She reveals that she is beyond grateful for the prize money, which will be a big help for her family now that her husband still has an irregular work schedule.

Just like Wemilyn, you too can win big in one of M Lhuillier’s regional raffle promos just by availing of M Lhuillier’s wide range of services like Kwarta Padala, Quick Cash Loans, and Bills Payment.

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