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Luftonic brings medical-grade air purifiers to PH

Indoor air is believed to be more harmful than outdoor air. And concerns about its poor quality increased further when coronavirus caused a global health pandemic. Luftonic developed air purifiers that promise to remove 99.99% of indoor smoke, viruses, bacteria, bio-aerosols, PM2.5, and ultra-fine particles.

The German air purifiers are considered medical grade and “certified to destroy live unwelcome Coronaviruses that may wander into confined spaces.

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The Luftonic LW8 specifically was made for smaller spaces and elevators which promises to secure the area from any airborne pathogens and particles for up to 60 sq m. It uses Cold Plasma Ionization Filtration Technology which was tested as the most effective clean air solution for HVAC integration as it generates millions of charge clusters that actively collide with viruses and bacteria to destroy them.

Luftonic Air Purifiers are easy to operate, quietly run in the background at 25dB, and also use the next generation of Heavy-duty washable ULPA filters which saves a lot on HEPA filter replacements and is proven to be 50 times more effective than outdated HEPA filters that other air purifiers .