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Manulife’s investment arm introduces new global technology fund

Manulife Investment Management and Trust Corp. (Manulife IM) recently launched the Manulife Global Technology Equity Feeder Fund, a unit investment trust fund (UITF) that offers a growth-oriented, professionally managed, and diversified approach to investing in the technology sector.

The Fund invests in a collective investment scheme that aims to achieve capital appreciation by investing at least two-thirds of its net invested assets in equity securities of companies that are expected to benefit from the development, advancement, and use of technology, or in equity or debt securities of any foreign or US issuer, as well as in American, European or Global Depositary Receipts.

Investors can avail of the Fund for as low as P5,000 or $100.

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“Even before the pandemic became a catalyst for companies’ digitalization efforts, the past few years have seen various technological innovations that disrupted the global business landscape, helping push technology firms to be among the top 10 most valuable companies in terms of market capitalization,” said Aira Gaspar, president and CEO, Manulife IM Philippines. “Moving forward, the technology sector offers strong growth potential as global digital transformation continues to unfold. Through the Manulife Global Technology Equity Feeder Fund, investors can further diversify their portfolio and have access to the growth of the technology sector’s top performers.”

Rapid acceleration in digital transformation is seen to benefit select industry themes such as cloud computing, e-commerce, and the Internet of Things. Cloud computing is a scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient solution for storing and accessing data over the internet. With the pandemic propelling purchases and transactions online, e-commerce has exceeded the sales growth of traditional retail. The dramatic shift in the demands placed on the home — from serving primarily as family sanctuaries to becoming much more multifunctional and versatile spaces — has brought with it a number of changes in patterns of consumption. On the other hand, Internet-of-Things, which adds internet capability to devices beyond just computers and smartphones, has been disruptive with potential for big winners.