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MediaTek, NVIDIA to develop product roadmap for automotive industry

MediaTek and NVIDIA have joined forces to present a comprehensive lineup of AI (artificial intelligence) cabin solutions for the next generation of software-defined vehicles. This partnership aims to deliver compelling solutions for cutting-edge connected cars.

“Through this partnership, our shared vision is to offer a unified platform for the automotive industry, enabling the design of intelligent, always-connected vehicles for the future,” said said Rick Tsai, vice chair and CEO of MediaTek.

As part of the collaboration, MediaTek will develop automotive SoCs (system on chips) that integrate a new NVIDIA GPU chiplet alongside NVIDIA’s AI and graphics IP. These chiplets will be connected using an ultra-fast and coherent chiplet interconnect technology.

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Smart cabin solutions

“The combination of MediaTek’s leading SoC and NVIDIA’s GPU and AI software technologies will enable new user experiences, enhanced safety, and innovative connected services across all vehicle segments, from luxury to mainstream,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

MediaTek’s smart cabin solutions will run on NVIDIA’s DRIVE OS, DRIVE IX, CUDA, and TensorRT software technologies. This integration will provide a complete range of AI cabin and cockpit functions, incorporating state-of-the-art graphics, AI capabilities, as well as safety and security features.

By working together, MediaTek and NVIDIA aim to surpass the growing demands of the industry and seize a significant market opportunity.

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