LG HVAC systems designed to reduce energy usage, costs

LG, a global electronics company, has introduced its groundbreaking Multi V i Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution in response to the global energy crisis. Environmental challenges necessitated the shift toward reducing energy consumption and adopting renewable sources. 

Equipped with an advanced (artificial intelligence) AI engine, the Multi V i offers significant energy savings and smart features that enhance indoor comfort and management. Initially available in Europe, the energy-efficient refrigerator will soon be available in other markets.

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems not only cut energy usage and costs but also provide a comfortable indoor environment. Integrating advanced AI technology into HVAC systems enhances their performance, reduces energy consumption, and improves indoor air quality.

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Leveraging AI algorithms

AI technology enables the Multi V i system to detect and adapt to changing factors, maintaining optimal operation and energy efficiency. LG’s AI engine collects data on indoor temperature, humidity, and set temperature from each unit, using AI algorithms to control the system. During the first 10 minutes of operation, the AI engine optimizes cooling or heating performance for comfort and then switches to power-saving mode to prevent unnecessary energy usage.

The implementation of AI and cutting-edge sensors in LG’s Multi V i leads to energy savings of up to 24.7% and reduces the time needed to reach the desired temperature by 28.5%.

LG’s AI Smart Metering feature tracks energy consumption in real-time, providing users with data on energy usage and savings. By collecting operational data, the AI algorithm estimates total energy savings for different time periods, displaying this information on the controller screen.

The AI Energy Management feature intelligently predicts and controls energy usage, contributing to the Multi V i’s intelligence. It creates a database of operational power-use data, calculates the predicted operating rate, and generates an Energy Pattern Model. By utilizing the AI algorithm, the system controls the outdoor unit’s operation according to monthly energy usage targets, preventing excessive power use and reducing monthly energy costs.

Cutting-edge air conditioning solutions

For small- and medium-sized sites without a building energy management system, the AI Energy Management functions of the Multi V i provide easy energy consumption management and monitoring. These features can be conveniently managed through the Standard III Wired remote controller or ACP 5/AC Smart 5 controller.

The LG Multi V i, with its state-of-the-art AI engine, delivers enhanced energy savings and a comfortable indoor environment. The AI engine continues to improve over time, adapting to new algorithms and data sources, further optimizing performance and energy efficiency. As AI evolves, HVAC systems will become even more efficient at real-time adjustments, improving performance and reducing energy consumption.

Prioritizing sustainability, LG’s AI-powered Multi V i increases energy efficiency, decreases energy usage, and minimizes carbon emissions. This eco-conscious innovation aligns with LG’s commitment to investing in the future.

LG offers a wide range of cutting-edge air conditioning solutions that cater to various sectors and climates, providing exceptional HVAC performance worldwide. With expertise and industry knowledge, LG responds to the needs of businesses seeking digitalized and eco-conscious solutions. As your reliable partner, LG integrates leading technology into day-to-day operations, supporting your business every step of the way.