MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 chipset powers new Asus gaming notebooks

Asus Republic of Gamers’ (ROG) and The Ultimate Force (TUF) new gaming notebooks are the first consumer notebooks with MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 6 connectivity solution. Now powered with MediaTek’s MT7921 Wi-Fi 6 chipset, the notebooks promise ultra-fast and reliable connectivity.

According to MediaTek, a global semiconductor company, the MT7921 delivers high performance, power efficiency for longer battery life, and fast, reliable connectivity for the ROG and TUF series. The company said the chipset is designed to provide higher throughput performance over 2×2 dual-band antennas compared with previous Wi-Fi 5 solutions. It will also ensure high performance with power efficiency based on the 22nm process while lower latency with hardware enhancements will provide better signal transmission to support super long-range connections.

“By collaborating with Asus we bring consumers the best connectivity experiences and ability to seamlessly stream games and enjoy extended battery life,” said Alan Hsu, corporate vice president at MediaTek. “MediaTek offers best-in-class solutions for notebooks with our high-performance, power-efficient chipsets with the latest connectivity technologies.”

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MediaTek’s Wi-Fi solutions power hundreds of millions of devices every year, and industry demand for Wi-Fi 6 solutions continues to grow. Wi-Fi 6 delivers multi-gigabit, low latency Wi-Fi, providing more reliable connectivity experiences even when users are gaming, streaming, or video chatting across multiple devices.

“MediaTek products have enabled us to bring Wi-Fi 6 to a more diverse range of gaming devices and will improve the experience for everyone,” said Rangoon Chang, ROG general manager, PCs and Laptops, Asus.

The ROG and TUF series powered by MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 6 technology will be available in the market starting in March of 2021.