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Medical supplies firm innovates to meet consumer health needs during pandemic

Witnessing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the livelihood of many, Mondial Medical Technologies, distributor of quality and cost-efficient medical equipment & supplies, established a new division, Mondial Direct.

Mondial Direct is in the same business of creating lifelines, selling life-enhancing and life-supporting products in healthcare.

“When the program was introduced, I was excited, not just because of the extra income but also because the products we were bringing in were really one-of-a-kind, like the Ozobarrier which is a very portable gadget that helps clean the air around you. My friends & clients really saw its importance during the early days of the pandemic,” said Lorenzo De Guzman Jr., warehouse associate of Mondial Direct.

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A new division accelerated the longtime plan of Mondial Medical Technologies in introducing a consumer division. It allows them to focus on the specific needs of the target market.

Health and wellness have become of paramount importance to Filipinos given the global health crisis. The demand for medical tools for individual use has become apparent. Mondial Direct brought in innovation after innovation, which, at the onset, the public had no easy access to.


The company introduced Aeris Active, the first powerful and all-purpose surface cleaner and disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi continuously for seven days; Airwheel F3 Mask, a smart mask that has a unique dual option ventilation system and an efficient five-layer filtration technology for better protection; and Maskshield+ Protecting Spray, an innovation from world-renowned Thai company Tigerplast, that helps increase filtration capability of fabric face masks.

According to Mica Tan, head of MFT Group, a private equity firm that operates Mondial Medical Technologies among other entities, the company will continue to bring in more relevant products to the market so Filipinos can achieve better health and quality of living.

“We are ready to push forward and have our eyes locked on filling the space of innovative wellness, as proven by their collection of products where people can gain access to the future of personal healthcare today,” Tan said.