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Mocasa teams up with credit information agency to enhance financial services

Mocasa, a company that offers credit payment services, is now an authorized Accessing Entity (AE) of the Credit Information Corp. (CIC). Through this collaboration, Mocasa aims to revolutionize the financial services industry by harnessing the power of CIC’s extensive credit database to offer advanced credit and payment solutions to its users.

As an AE of the CIC, Mocasa users will gain access to a range of enhanced financial services, including personalized credit reports, credit scores, and credit monitoring. With access to borrowers’ credit data, Mocasa’s app will empower users to make informed financial decisions and manage their creditworthiness effectively. 

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“This development represents a great step toward our vision of empowering Filipinos with better financial solutions,” said Robin Wong, CEO of Mocasa. “By providing our users with convenient access to their credit data from the CIC, we aim to offer actionable insights for responsible credit management and unlock new opportunities for financial growth.”

The collaboration will enable Mocasa to develop advanced risk assessment models, leading to improved fraud detection and prevention measures.

“Mocasa can now use CIC data to formulate data-driven credit-decisioning, calibrate better risk management, improve their credit portfolio, and increase access to credit for Filipino borrowers,” said Valdimir Hubert dela Cruz, SVP, CIC.