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Fintech learning platform certifies 1,700 individuals in 2022

Fintech learning platform 10×1000 Tech for Inclusion (10×1000) has certified more than 1,700 learners after completing its Fintech Foundation Program and Fintech Leadership Program.

The 10×1000 learning platform was rolled out in 2021 and by the end of 2022, the total number of alumni reached 2,808 and spanned 92 countries and regions.

The top 5 countries where most learners came from were China, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Thailand. According to 10×1000 Tech for Inclusion, close to 800 learners were from the Philippines. Females made up 48% of the certified learners and more than 20% came from micro, small, or medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

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“We believe that a truly global curriculum is the program’s core and unique advantage, which has allowed it to attract and engage such a robust global community of learners,” said Jennifer Tan, program head of 10×1000. 

10×1000 worked with more than 40 experts and scholars from around 20 countries and regions. 

“Together they bring expertise and real-life learnings to enhance the mindset, knowledge, and skills required to equip our learners to become the next generation of leaders in the digital economy,” Tan said.


The program recognized three of 10×1000’s partners for the “2022 10×1000 Inclusion Awards.” Fintech, Jokkolabs, and The Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Indonesia (“Kominfo”) were recognized for their contributions to making the program more inclusive. 

The Fintech from the Philippines recruited 573 learners who completed the program in 2022, of whom 356 were female learners. Jokkolabs launched the Fintech Foundation Program in French to cater to learners in Africa. In 2022, 60 French-speaking learners from a total of 17 African countries and regions completed the program. Kominfo from Indonesia brought on 243 graduates from 205 organizations, of which 72 are from MSMEs.

To make the program more accessible, 10×1000 has also announced several new initiatives for 2023:

  • New languages: Fintech Foundation Program and Green Fintech Miniseries will be made available in Bahasa Indonesia; Green Fintech Miniseries will also be made available in French.
  • New mini-series: A new miniseries on digital financial services is to be launched.

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