10x1000 Tech for Inclusion Enhances Fintech Learning Programs to Continue Bridging the Global Digital Skills GapBusiness Features

10×1000 Tech for Inclusion enhances fintech learning programs

With the vision to train 1,000 emerging talents and tech leaders each year for 10 years, 10×1000 Tech for Inclusion saw a total of 1,067 learners from 66 locations complete its Fintech Foundation Program and Fintech Leadership Program in 2021. Each participant also received certifications from 10×1000 and the International Finance Corp. (IFC).

Close to 80% of its learners are from South and Southeast Asia, with Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines ranking as the top three countries.

“Realizing the potential for cross-country and cross-region knowledge sharing, 10×1000 has also focused on connecting and fostering a vibrant global fintech community of learners, experts, and partners to cultivate learning,” said Jason Pau, program lead of 10×1000.

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In 2021, 17 expert lecturers and 31 leading global organizations, tech investors, and industry organizations have joined the community as our close partners to collectively identify learners for 10×1000.

With these developments, 10×1000 laid out its plans to further enhance its learning programs for 2022.

It will introduce the Fintech Expert Program to expand the learning journey of tech professionals. Through eight recorded video lectures, the program is designed to bring learners through a deep dive into various topics ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain to the cloud to gain practical knowledge and develop skill sets.

By introducing Green Fintech Miniseries, 10×1000 aims to enhance awareness of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and green fintech. The miniseries will feature three recorded video lectures on real-life case studies and best practices.

“I encourage everyone in the financial ecosystem, including banks, fintech, and regulators, to continue exploring development and market opportunities given the current fast-paced digitization and technological changes,” said Hans Koning, Global Chief Digital Finance Strategist at IFC. “Doing so will promote a balanced development that focuses on financial inclusion, consumer protection, cybersecurity, and digital financial literacy.”

Training content provided by 10×1000 is being guided by a Curriculum Steering Committee (CSC), an advisory body responsible for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the curriculum. The current committee is composed of global experts from industry, academia, and international financial institutions.