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New Twitter feature aims for more audience real-time engagement

Twitter announces a new feature in the online news and social networking service that will be helpful to broadcasters or people who stream live videos. People can now go live using Periscope with guests and invite anyone in the “audience” to join the broadcast.

“Live video is powerful and allows for a live, synchronous conversation between a broadcaster and their audience — where the broadcaster is able to talk to their audience with their camera and voice, and viewers could talk using text,” said Kayvon Beykpour, head of Product at Twitter. “With this launch, we’re enabling richer conversations by allowing viewers to call in, like a talk show, and join with their voice. This makes live conversations even more fluid, and allows for new possibilities and ways people can have conversations.”

The online interaction will allow viewers or listeners to be involved in the discussion and post their questions in real time. Live streaming has been gaining ground what with international events streamed live online. The new normal is engaging audience into real-time events while they also post their thoughts online.

Twitters said that “this is just the beginning and it is going to focus on bringing new features to everyone on Twitter and make it possible for guests to share video, too.”

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