News app curates stories, videos for easy consumption

The app development firm behind Newsreels aims to revolutionize the traditional way of how to consume news and developed an app that promises to deliver 100% accurate news and up to 20 times faster.

With its two news formats — reels and bullets — everyone can get to know more updates, in no time at all.

While a conventional news app shows its collection of headlines with full articles, Newsreels introduces a game-changer in the news industry through its bullet summarization engine. Readers get to save time by getting just the important bullet points from the news they want.

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To make things a whole lot better, modern readers get to enjoy informative news content in trendy reels format. Now, users can simply swipe across an endless stream of news reels. Living with its moniker, Newsreels has jazzed up the interface with a video-upload feed for the users, much like Instagram or TikTok. This is another unique feature that cashes in on the younger generation and offers them digestible, up-to-the-minute news.

Newsreels covers a wider spectrum of publishers, right from the regional or local level to the global news houses.

The app gives content creators the option to collaborate with the app, letting them use it as a publishing platform to reach more audiences. For an app born out of the innovation surge during the 2020 pandemic, Newsreels is the much-needed power-up of both emerging and established news outlets.

“It is our answer to the growing need of the public to have a one-stop news portal to get all the relevant information they need, be it for COVID-related topics or absolutely anything they want, without having to jump between apps and news sources,” said RJ David, the team’s Product Innovation Officer.

Gone are the glory days of the plain vanilla newsreader apps. The readers today are smart: we want more; we want better, quicker. And we want it how we like it. Newsreels has quashed the “same-old, same-old” monotony of current affairs through its contemporary, made-to-order, openly inclusive news aggregation platform. The era of engaging, on-point, choice news is in.

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