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Next OnAir: Google Cloud launches new multi-cloud analytics, security solutions

At the kick-off of Next OnAir, technology giant Google unveils the new solutions in Google Cloud that run across its smart data analytics and security portfolios with the goal of assisting customers with their digital transformation through cloud computing.

Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir is a free, nine-week, in-depth digital event series that started on July 14.

BigQuery Omni is a multi-cloud analytics solution that enables customers to bring the power of BigQuery to data stored in Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and soon, Azure.

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Powered by Google Cloud’s Anthos, BigQuery Omni will allow customers to connect directly to their data across Google Cloud, AWS and Azure for analysis without having to move or copy datasets. Through a single user interface, customers will be able to analyze data in the region where it is stored, providing a unified analytics experience.

“For customers, moving data across different clouds is both cumbersome and expensive. To address this, we continue to invest in multi-cloud in an effort to democratize access to the best technologies for our customers, no matter what cloud provider they’re using today,” said Debanjan Saha, GM and VP of Engineering, Google Cloud. “BigQuery Omni provides enterprises with the openness and portability they need to break down silos and create actionable business insights, all without having to pay expensive egress fees for moving data from other cloud providers to Google Cloud.”

Confidential Computing portfolio

Confidential Computing is a breakthrough technology that encrypts data in-use — while it is being processed. Confidential Computing environments keep data encrypted in memory and elsewhere outside the central processing unit (CPU). This technology will transform the way organizations process data in the cloud, maintain control over their data, and preserve confidentiality.

Confidential VMs is the first product in Google Cloud’s Confidential Computing portfolio. Google Cloud already employs a variety of isolation and sandboxing techniques as part of its cloud infrastructure to help make its multi-tenant architecture secure. Confidential VMs, now in beta, take this to the next level by offering memory encryption so that customers can further isolate workloads in the cloud.

BigQuery Omni is available in Private Alpha for AWS S3, with Azure support coming soon. BigQuery Omni supports Avro, CSV, JSON, ORC, and Parquet.

Confidential VMs are currently in Beta.