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Nickel Asia partners with ePLDT for cloud migration initiative

ePLDT, the ICT subsidiary and backbone of PLDT, has been tapped to provide cloud and IT solutions to Nickel Asia Corp, (NAC), a natural resources development company. ePLDT has integrated Microsoft 365 across NAC Group’s nationwide operations.

This cloud-based productivity suite equips NAC Group employees with communication and collaboration capabilities through a unified application. With its robust and secure infrastructure, Microsoft 365 ensures easy access to critical information, tools, and resources whether working on-site or off-site.

“Digital transformation is a journey we embark on together with clients. We go beyond providing solutions by co-creating strategies that deliver desired business outcomes,” Victor Genuino, President and CEO of ePLDT, said in a statement. “Our aim is to address every unique pain point, whether it be boosting market presence, driving revenue growth, cost optimization, or enhancing efficiency.”

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Aligned with Nickel Asia’s vision of a progressive and sustainable future, this strategic partnership with ePLDT, as well as PLDT Enterprise, PLDT’s B2B subsidiary, sets the stage for its transformational journey.

Cloud migration initiative

The synergy will streamline NAC Group’s migration process, enhance the end-user experience, and develop a roadmap that aligns with NAC’s business objectives and sustainability goals.

The first mining company in the Philippines to join the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest sustainability initiative; NAC recognizes the importance of reducing its carbon footprint while simultaneously enhancing the work experience for its employees.

By leveraging ePLDT’s multi-cloud expertise and harnessing Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies, NAC will now be able to conduct day-to-day operations with enhanced efficiency and sustainable practices.