VMware’s DEX solution provides IT teams with employee insights

VMware, a cloud computing and virtualization technology company, has developed a Comprehensive Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Solution that provides IT teams with valuable insights to enhance employee experience and reduce costs. 

The company introduced four enhancements to its DEX solution: 

  • DEX for third-party managed devices
  • DEX for VMware Horizon
  • AI-driven Guided RCA
  • Expanded Workspace ONE ITSM Connector for ServiceNow support

These innovations aim to boost productivity, resolve issues faster, and increase employee engagement.

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VMware emphasizes the importance of technology that empowers IT teams to resolve issues quickly and prevent future problems. VMware’s comprehensive DEX solution utilizes automation and data-driven insights to improve efficiency and provide exceptional employee experiences.

The scalability of VMware’s platform enables the measurement of employee experiences across all endpoints, whether physical or virtual, and regardless of management by VMware or third-party solutions. They have made Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) solution generally available for Windows devices managed by third-party solutions. This update allows customers to deploy and expand their DEX solution even if they use other management solutions.

Unified endpoint management capabilities

VMware has introduced DEEM for VMware Horizon, enabling the measurement and analysis of end-user experiences in virtual apps and desktops. This integration provides comprehensive insights into network performance, log on time, and VM performance. IT teams are proactively alerted to changes in the Horizon experience score, enabling efficient issue resolution and enhancing employee productivity.

To achieve a seamless employee experience, VMware offers a closed-loop cycle that allows IT to proactively address issues and continuously improve employee experiences. 

Workspace ONE unified endpoint management capabilities provide the broadest range of remediation options available. By extending experience data from Workspace ONE to ServiceNow via VMware’s ITSM Connector, service desk teams can troubleshoot and resolve issues more efficiently. VMware has unveiled additional innovations to the ITSM Connector, including experience scoring, an expanded set of endpoint management actions, and the ability to trigger workflows created in VMware Freestyle Orchestrator. These enhancements decrease troubleshooting and resolution time.

Data-driven IT approach

VMware’s DEX offerings empower IT teams through data-driven insights, guided root cause analysis (RCA), and automation. AI-driven insights provide immediate visibility into issues affecting employee productivity, while guided RCA identifies potential root causes. Integrated automation workflows enable proactive issue resolution and employee notification. One of VMware’s customers used Guided RCA to quickly identify and resolve a laptop crash issue, saving hundreds of engineering hours in lost productivity.

By adopting a proactive, data-driven IT approach, VMware IT has experienced a 35% reduction in mean time to resolution of support issues over the past six months. This approach has not only saved engineering hours but has also instilled confidence in the IT organization and increased employee productivity.