Nokia unveils first commercial 5G SA for enterprise customers

Nokia recently announced global commercial availability of new 5G SA (standalone) industrial-grade private wireless networking solutions, providing a roadmap to fulfilling the needs of the most demanding industrial and manufacturing use cases.

With the introduction of 5G SA, Nokia gives its customers the most comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of high-performance 4.9G/LTE and 5G private wireless networking solutions in the marketplace.

“With the introduction of 5G SA, we set a new standard for our enterprise customers with a world-class lineup of private wireless solutions to meet their digitalization needs, no matter their entry point or connectivity requirements,” said Raghav Sahgal, president of Nokia Enterprise. “Private wireless connectivity is central to our customers realizing their long-term digital transformation goals. By delivering 5G SA, we’re paving the way to accelerate digitalization in the most demanding of use cases such as automotive manufacturing, where cloud, robotics, and autonomous machine operations create mission-critical demands for reliable low latency and high data rate.”

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Throughout the development of its 5G SA private wireless solutions, Nokia has delivered in situ trials with customers and mobile operator partners since the first quarter of 2020. Nokia has more than 180 private wireless enterprise customers worldwide of which more than 30 engagements are 5G. Nokia has recently announced 5G private wireless deployments that include Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa Technik, and Toyota Production Engineering.

Digital Automation Cloud

With Nokia’s new 5G SA solutions, enterprise customers have the choice of deploying Nokia Digital Automation Cloud — a compact, plug-and-play system with automation enablers – or, they can further customize their network according to needs with Nokia Modular Private Wireless.

Nokia also announced that Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology will deploy a Nokia 5G SA private wireless network at its test mine in Tampere, Finland.

“By deploying a Nokia 5G SA private wireless network with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, we can showcase an entirely new range of game-changing capabilities here in our Tampere test mine,” Patrick Murphy, president, Rock Drills and Technologies, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology said. “As we work with our customers to help them leverage technology to digitalize their operations, the introduction of 5G opens the door to new opportunities in robotics, remote and autonomous operations, full-fleet automation, analytics, and enhanced safety. As such, it comprises a breakthrough in the digital transformation of mining.”

Kickstart 5G assets

Through its introduction of commercially available private wireless 5G SA, Nokia is also enabling OEM and ecosystem partners to accelerate the validation of 5G capabilities. This will help kickstart the development of 5G-capable industrial assets, accelerate application development, and integrate 5G into future industrial processes and systems.

In addition to working with its private wireless network ecosystem, which includes service providers, cloud partners, systems integrators, strategic consulting, and industry specialists, Nokia will also apply its vertical expertise to deliver the transformational benefits of 5G across industry-specific use cases.

With 3GPP R15 SA architecture providing the baseline for private 5G in industry, Nokia’s 5G SA private wireless will become the premier platform to enable future industry-related features and improvements. These include Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC), Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), and many other industrial capabilities that will be delivered in future 5G 3GPP releases (R16-18).

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