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Oracle: APAC respondents prefer robots to make decisions

Overwhelmed by the amount of data they have to deal with every day, respondents to a survey, mostly business leaders, by Oracle, said they would prefer “to have a robot make their decisions.”

The survey showed that 85% of business leaders would take the word of a robot just to spare themselves the difficulty of making decisions amid the complex array of considerations.

The report “The Decision Dilemma”’ by Oracle and Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a New York Times author, include the results of a survey of more than 14,000 employees and business leaders across 17 countries, with 4,500 respondents coming from the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ).

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The struggle is real as decision-making in this day and age is taking a toll on their professional and personal lives. Respondents said, “Data is not helping.”

“The hesitancy, distrust, and lack of understanding of data shown by this study align with what we hear from customers rethinking their approach to decision-making,” Chris Chelliah, senior vice president of technology and customer strategy, Oracle Japan and Asia Pacific, said in a statement. “Our customers are looking for help to connect data to insight to decision to action.” 

Business leaders in APJ want data to help them make better decisions, as they know it is critical to the success of their organizations. However, many do not believe they have the tools to be successful, which is eroding their confidence and ability to make timely decisions.

Some 87% of business leaders have suffered from decision distress — regretting, feeling guilty about, or questioning a decision they made in the past year — and 90% believe having the right type of decision intelligence can make or break the success of an organization. 

Help from/with data

Even with the sentiments on robots, a huge number of respondents, or 96% want help from data. 

“In an ideal world, they want data to help them: make better decisions (43%), reduce risk (37%), make faster decisions (40%), make more money (37%), and plan for the unexpected (30%),” the report stated.

It is not only the quality of decision-making that business leaders are worried about but also the sheer number of decisions they have to make. About 74% said the number of decisions they make every day has increased 10x over the last three years and as they try to make these decisions, 75% are being inundated with more data from more sources than ever before.

Data management

Organizations are looking into having the most effective data management tools available. Structured data will enable them to have a clear picture of the situation and making decisions would be a lot easier than before. 

The report also noted that business leaders do not believe that the current approach to data and analytics is addressing these challenges. Some respondents say that the dashboards and charts they receive do not always relate directly to the decisions they need to make. Additionally, they believe that much of the available data is only truly helpful for IT professionals or data scientists.

Business leaders believe the right data and insights can help them make better decisions for the whole organization and for each department.