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Oracle Cloud consumption revenue soars in 2020

Overall, technology giant Oracle Corp.’s revenue for last year was at $9.8 billion or up by 72%. The company’s cloud business posted a 139% increase in constant currency, proving that cloud is an essential component in digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a media briefing, Mina Lim, managing director, Oracle Philippines, outlined how companies steered their businesses utilizing Oracle technologies.

Oracle’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution’s revenue rose by 33% in the second quarter of last year, at the height of lockdowns caused by the pandemic.

PH cement manufacturer adopts Oracle Cloud ERP to automate operations

Tomorrow’s Workplace: Humans and AI co-existing as colleagues

As the world grappled with the shift in remote work, Oracle Cloud was tasked to manage US COVID-19 Vaccination Program. The company developed a platform called the National Electronic Health Records Cloud and the Public Health Management System, both are being used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for this purpose as well as for the use of other governments.

When the COVID-19 started becoming a global pandemic, Oracle teams around the world began developing a platform it’s called the Oracle’s national electronic health records, known as HR database, and pub and pub Oracle Public Health Management System to help the government the efforts in collecting, processing and analyzing health updates from patients and health care providers.

“Our system has been able to support the data requirements from the electronic screening of more than 530,000 volunteers for COVID-19 clinical trials in the US and collect over 5.6 million daily health updates from patients and health care providers,” Lim said.

Oracle Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain management is one of the major issues in the vaccine rollout. Governments need to put processes and infrastructure in place to manage the vaccine deployment ecosystem adequately and effectively. The vaccines need to be distributed by a temperature-controlled cold chain, which is highly sensitive and requires constant quality and condition checks.

The Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM connects the supply network with an integrated suite of cloud business applications designed and built to outpace change.

“Cold chain logistics are particularly difficult in warmer climates, as with most of Southeast Asia being in the tropics,” Lim said. “This would pose a significant obstacle if not a challenge.”

Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM provides governments and organizations end-to-end visibility with flexible and resilient supply chain planning allowing them to improve forecast accuracy and collaboration. Simply, it will ensure that the vaccines are kept at the required temperature and procurement, as well as distribution, are managed efficiently.

Oracle ran a study recently which showed that the pandemic affected the mental health of 78% of the global workforce. Automation and other technologies, somehow, helped them in performing their tasks albeit in a new work remote setup.

“Technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) are a boon to the new ways of working with 75% of the global workforce saying that AI has helped their mental health at work,” Lim said.

Lim emphasized the need for organizations to provide the tools and solutions to enable the workforce in a work from home arrangements. She noted that given the global situation with no end in sight for the pandemic yet, “his setup of work from home is here to stay.”

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