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Palo Alto Networks updates Prisma Access solution for remote workers

The latest enhancements on network security firm Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access 2.0 hopes to address the lack of network visibility as a result of the remote work setup. The latest update promises not only a stronger security than the previous version but also better management given that most IT personnel have to oversee connections from different locations.

Prisma Access solution (a secure access service edge or SASE) does not limit protection to web-based applications only but instead designed to provide complete security from a single cloud-delivered platform across all applications.

“Remote work is now a critical long-term strategy for most organizations in the Japan and Asia Pacific region and beyond, as more organizations embrace cloud and redesign the employee experience. As such, secure access to all apps with an optimized user experience has become a business necessity,” said Simon Green, president, Japan and Asia Pacific, Palo Alto Networks. “To achieve this, we’re working with more organizations to pivot their security architecture and move towards a cloud-delivered security model that can safely connect any user, to any application, from anywhere.”

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Palo Alto Networks said the Prisma Access 2.0 release extends this vision further and resets the bar for cloud-delivered security while providing 10 times more throughput than other solutions for a faster remote access connection and 4.3 million security updates per day — about 25 times more than the closest competitor — to help organizations rest assured their users and data are secure.

Essentially, Prisma Access has the ability to monitor cloud- and data-center-based applications.

Leveraging machine learning, Prisma Access can “prevent unknown, zero-day attacks in real-time. It also uses ML to analyze vast amounts of telemetry data to make automated security policy recommendations.”

Prisma Acces’ CloudBlades API-based platform support for third-party services enables qualified third-party security and infrastructure services to be easily integrated.

Prisma Access 2.0 also adds IoT security capabilities to help organizations protect against IoT threats without the need to deploy additional sensors or appliances.