Payoneer offers global account to local e-wallet money transfer services

There are many benefits to being a freelancer, but there are as far as critical factors that contribute to one’s success. One of these is maintaining a healthy cash flow to simplify payment processes and boost the financial aspect of one’s work.

Payoneer, a cross-border digital payment platform, offers a complete solution for freelancers and service providers alike. As it caters to businesses worldwide, sending out payment requests, withdrawing earnings, and discovering new marketplaces can be accessed by users with just a few clicks. And as Payoneer goes beyond borders, it aims to service more Filipino freelancers with its most recent partnership with GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet.

“We share this tremendous commitment to freelancers and entrepreneurs in the Philippines who are eager to grow their businesses, and we’ve now brought Payoneer and GCash together to bring the most unique and powerful solution for you to manage your business and your money,” said Scott Galit, CEO of Payoneer.

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“In this pandemic where people have been forced to stay indoors and accelerate the adoption of a digital lifestyle, GCash has been a lifeline to Filipinos,” says Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash. “Now, we’re glad to have partnered with Payoneer whose mission of empowering businesses to go beyond is aligned with ours in making the financial sector more inclusive. With this brand-new partnership, Payoneer users can now receive payments in 150 currencies in their GCash app. We made it simple, so entrepreneurs can enjoy their life’s work,” Sazon added.

With this brand partnership between Payoneer and GCash, Payoneer users can now access their money from their global bank account to their local e-wallet. This way, they can take advantage of a secure and effective process of receiving money, as well as a simple and fast scheme of allocating it for bills payment, grocery shopping, and even for leisure spending.

Given the status quo where physical distancing is a manner of living and cashless payments are a safer, much-preferred alternative, there has been a heightened consideration for digital transactions. And with fintech companies coming together to bring an efficient financial tool, freelancers can further optimize their businesses and boost the gig economy.

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