PayRemit launches shopping app exclusive to Filipinos abroad

From offering services as a remittance app, PayRemit evolved its services and included a shopping app specially designed for Filipinos abroad.

One of the loopholes that PayRemit saw as to why other e-commerce platforms cannot serve the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and Filipino migrants is the limited payment options. Most of these online shopping sites offer credit card or debit card payments, as well as cash on delivery (COD).

“We had to respond to OFWs’ needs,” said Vincent Grey, president and CEO, PayRemit. “We saw that they needed an online platform for appliances and gadgets that they can send to their families here in the country.”

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In 2017, PayRemit’s payment gateway made it possible for migrant workers to pay with remittance. The next year, PayRemit expanded its services and piloted a shopping site on Facebook for appliances and gadgets that OFWs could send to their families back home. It now has evolved into a shopping app.

According to PayRemit, what distinguishes the digital platform from the others is the human element in its customer and after-sales service.

“Our customers can reach out to a customer service representative who can provide them with the assistance they need,” Grey said.

With digital transformation, some apps or websites are now using chatbots to attend to the usual customer queries.

Even with an app in place, PayRemit also employs sales agents, mostly OFWs, to assist those who are interested to purchase an item for their families in the Philippines.

PayRemit is under the management of Ventaja Corp. The app is available in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.