Caravan by 1Exporte-commerce

Caravan by 1Export provides Filipino entrepreneurs with online platform for exports

Philippine digital exporter 1Export launched e-commerce site Caravan amid the pandemic to help micro, small, and medium enterprises overcome export barriers. So far, it has helped over 440 MSME gain access to international trade through the platform.

Caravan provides local suppliers access to the overseas market, especially the growing community of Filipinos abroad who are looking to start and grow their own reselling businesses.

Caravan is in 15 international markets in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Caravan ships to 800 online and offline storefronts globally. With Caravan’s export-compliant products and robust export solutions, coupled with its 100% port clearance rate, the initiative has consistently facilitated efficient partnerships between local suppliers and overseas Filipino resellers and businesses.

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Social enterprises

“Many MSMEs in the country have lost their local demand during the pandemic, and suffered from substantial losses,” said Mel Nava, CEO and co-founder of 1Export. “Through Caravan, we provide these businesses opportunities to create new markets and to continue to grow, all the while creating and empowering more Filipino entrepreneurs overseas.”

With a wide range of supplier partners from the Philippines, Caravan works with social enterprises and legacy brands. Caravan was able to provide as much as $20,000 worth of export sales for small businesses in the first quarter of 2021. In total, it contributed $400,000 or P20 million in MSME export sales throughout the course of the pandemic.