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Life insurer Pru Life UK now offers breast cancer protection

Life insurer Pru Life UK has launched its latest health protection product designed for the independent and empowered women, the PRUHealth Prime – Select Breast Cancer, through Pulse, the company’s health and wellness app.

“This protection product, designed for the women in our lives, be it our mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, or grandmother, goes a long way for less than P2 a day,” Allan Tumbaga, chief customer marketing officer, Pru Life UK. “With it, Pru Life UK underscores women’s health by giving hardworking and caring Filipinas financial protection from breast cancer.”

PRUHealth Prime – Select Breast Cancer comes in two packages. A one-time premium of P150 provides a lump sum amount of P10,000 upon diagnosis, while a one-time premium of P425 offers a lump sum amount of P10,000 upon diagnosis and a guaranteed lump sum amount of Php 20,000 when undergoing Mastectomy or Lumpectomy. This is valid for one year.

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Pru Life UK offers new life insurance products through its health app Pulse

PRUHealth Prime – Select Breast Cancer protection is available for purchase through Pulse, which can be downloaded for free on any Android or iOS mobile device.

Last month, Pru Life UK also introduced two new optional supplemental critical illness (CI) benefits or riders, the Select Top 42 and Select 523 Critical Illness riders to PRUHealth Prime, an insuravest plan with critical illness coverage against all forms of cancer.

The Select Top 4 Critical Illness Benefit provides for the top 4 covered late-stage critical illness conditions, while the Select 52 Critical Illness Benefit provides for 52 covered late-stage critical illness conditions.

Customers who are availing themselves of PRUHealth Prime but would want to be covered against other critical conditions can purchase either of the two new critical illness riders during the new business application process and/or after policy issuances.