Pru Life UK Life Insurance Pulse App

Pru Life UK offers new life insurance products through its health app Pulse

Pru Life UK is now offering three additional life insurance products — PRUWellness, PRUShield, and PRUPersonal Accident — through its health and wellness mobile app Pulse, targeting customers who prefer the convenience of purchasing protection online.

“Our customers can now enjoy the convenience of applying for life insurance to secure their protection from the comfort and safety of their home through our online PRUShoppe on Pulse,” said Allan Tumbaga, SVP and chief customer marketing officer, Pru Life UK. “This feature also provides an easy comparison of the benefits and a simplified application process by allowing customers to upload the necessary information, including beneficiary nomination, digitally.”

PRUWellness is a comprehensive medical plan available in three-tiered packages. It provides a daily cash benefit of P800 to help cover the cost of hospitalization due to injury or illness, and an additional amount if the insured is confined in an ICU or hospitalized for more than 30 days. An additional lump-sum benefit is provided when the hospital confinement is due to a dread disease. In addition, a lump sum of as much as P15,000 is paid out if the insured with the top-tier package requires a surgery. Should death occur, the family of the insured will receive a lump sum benefit of P20,000.

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PRUShield is a yearly renewable term insurance product that provides a Daily Hospital Income Benefit of P1,000 to help the insured cover the cost of hospitalization due to injury or illness, and a lump sum benefit of P100,000 in case of death of the insured.

PRUPersonal Accident is a yearly renewable packaged protection plan that covers injury, disability, or death due to an accident. Basic and full packages are available to meet the needs of customers of various ages and occupations. Both package options include an Accidental Death and Disablement (ADD) Benefit of P100,000, a Total and Permanent Disability Benefit of P100,000, and a Murder and Assault Benefit of P50,000. The full package offers additional benefits including medical reimbursement and hospital income.

Customers can now access these life insurance products by simply downloading Pru Life UK’s health and wellness mobile app, Pulse, available for free in both Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Purchases can be made by clicking the PRUShoppe tile and paying through a debit or credit card.