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PERA HUB offers digital remittance platform to businesses

Banking on its years of offering remittance services and a wide network, PERA HUB is introducing a new financial solution for businesses: the Digital Remittance Platform (DRP).

PERA HUB DRP is an aggregated, single Application Programming Interface (API) platform that allows different businesses to integrate and connect to a network of retail and over-the-counter partners, major Philippine banks, remittance companies, digital wallets, and even emerging fintech. The platform, regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), is powered by a modern and secure API developer portal that enables access to PERA HUB’s network of financial services easily with an Open API standard.

“When talking about APIs and dealing with partners who are Banks, EMIs, or other financial service providers, it is crucial that we always ensure the security of transactions,” said Bryan Makasiar, senior assistant vice president for Digital Business, PERA HUB. “As a company, we were able to establish that capability plus accessibility and convenience through our infrastructure and people, to get the nod from the BSP.”

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The DRP is best suited for financial services companies looking to increase their distribution channels quickly through PERA HUB’s physical network and digital community partners, as well as companies with digital communities aiming to provide reliable and scalable financial services.

“PERA HUB saw the opportunity to leverage on our well-established partnerships to create a new platform that would enable businesses to connect to a network of remittance and other financial partners in one go,” said Ian Ocampo, president and CEO of PERA HUB. “It opens an opportunity for them to easily integrate and expand their network to new customers by only connecting to one platform.”

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