Play games on GLife and win up to P10,000

GCash has partnered with mgames and Goama Games to offer an extensive collection of play-to-earn games that users can play either on their own or with their friends while giving them a new way to supplement their monthly income with something they are passionate about.

How to find play-to-earn games on GLife

Play-to-earn games on GCash are a smart choice to spend your free time before or after work. To access these play-to-earn games, open the GCash app and tap the GLife icon. Under the “Browse By Category” section, select “Gaming” to find the Goama Games and mgames mini app. Simply tap on their icon to open each mini app and see all the games you can play.

Pay for Viu subscription using GCash
GCash offers access to major entertainment content platforms

Host friendly competitions on mgames

Through private lobbies that allow users to host friendly competitions with their family and friends, mgames provides a dynamic gaming experience that allows people to stay connected even when they are apart. You can create a private lobby from the 200 game library inventory of mgames. A private lobby costs as low as 5 tokens for 10 pax and for a bigger crowd, you can avail the highest package of 700 tokens for 100 pax.

In the mgames mini app on GLife, users can find an extensive library of games that they can easily play with their friends. Some of the games to discover include Jewel Blocks, a puzzle and block-stacking game, Spiral Stairs, where players control a 3D cat that runs down a spiral staircase with obstacles, and Knife Dart, which requires precision and timing as users throw knives at a board.

With a wide selection of puzzle, strategy, arcade, and shooter games on the platform, daily quests can be completed to earn energy, tickets, and tokens to increase the chance of winning more money. Throughout the month, rewards of up to P800,000 and more can be won from playing and competing in mgames.

Play tournaments and earn

Goama Games provides a more competitive environment that gives users the chance to compete and engage with other players as they join tournaments and win from prize pools. The Goama Games mini app on GLife offers several categories to choose from, including action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, sports, and strategy games.

Great rewards abound on Aug. 29-Sept. 25 with Goama Games set to host a Weekly Heroes Tournaments, a collaboration with foodpanda Philippines, to mark the release of the new Pau Pau Run 3D game.

In this Weekly Heroes Tournaments, the gameplay is as thrilling as can be as players compete against each other for only seven days, earning as many game tickets as possible to move up in the Weekly Heroes leaderboard.

Players need to collect a minimum of 5,000 game tickets to qualify and be one of the 300 players to win a share in the Goama-foodpanda weekly prize pool of over P150,000 in GCash credits and P27,000 in foodpanda vouchers.

This Goama-foodpanda collaboration is set to reward more than 20,000 players during the whole 4-week run of the Weekly Heroes Tournament with P1.8 million worth of cash prizes and foodpanda vouchers.

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