PLDT Enterprise ready to support businesses in ‘accelerated’ digital adoption

The effects of COVID-19 practically threw outside the window all the business strategies and plans crafted last year. The new reality is something that nobody has foreseen — and it’s quite dramatic.

Amid the chaos, technology remained the one constant that people rely on. It has become a pillar not only for business continuity but also for a new life, in general.

With this in mind, PLDT Enterprise, the b2b arm of the Philippines’ ICT and digital services provider immediately shifted its focus on the new needs of organizations. Businesses have accelerated their digital transformation in the wake of the pandemic and lockdowns that restricted movements.

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“We at PLDT Enterprise stand with all the organizations in the private and public sector. As an ICT provider, we place it upon ourselves to help businesses rediscover and reinvent themselves using technology,” said Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT president and CEO and SVP and head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups.

New ways of connecting

Leveraging its own infrastructure, PLDT Enterprise is ready to support businesses in their digital transformation or adoption, which has suddenly become urgent because of the pandemic.

“When the quarantine gets lifted, there is simply no way that our lives will resume as if this had never happened. Businesses can never return back to business as usual, and they will definitely need to assume new ways of working and connecting to their customers,” Hernandez said.

Business disruptions

One of the disruptions brought about by COVID-19 was the recalibration of business models among organizations. For instance, digital learning has now been put into the mainstream, brick-and-mortar businesses were forced to adapt e-commerce platforms, and multiple other industries sought to provide contactless transactions. PLDT Enterprise intends to support more businesses in these digital transformation initiatives with its wide range of fixed, wireless, and ICT solutions.

“Our ultimate goal at PLDT Enterprise to make a positive impact on every single business. And we wish to do that by providing the information and communications technology requirements of businesses across industries that will enable them to become more resilient and prepared for any other future disruption,” Hernandez said.

Fiber solution

PLDT Enterprise is currently strengthening its fiber solution for businesses and is coming up with more tailor-fit digital solutions to ensure their continued operations while at home.

And with the “new normal” requiring heavy reliance on technology, businesses will need to start investing and digitizing their business processes and assets. Moving forward, they can offload to data centers and cloud-based services of PLDT Enterprise so they can focus on their core business.

“They say recover, rebuild. No! We say rediscover, reinvent! And technology is the enabler,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez stressed the importance of shaping a new ecosystem of business which he identifies essential for national development after the global pandemic.

“When industries embrace digital adoption, we can create a resilient ecosystem where all of us synergize our capabilities to yield business outcomes that are far greater than what each of us could have achieved,” Hernandez said.