PLDT Enterprise urges companies to future-proof businesses with ‘revolutionary’ undertakings

Through its latest brand campaign titled “Revolution,” PLDT Enterprise continues to urge organizations to either start or accelerate their digital transformation. The business landscape has become even more competitive with many of them realizing the potential of digitizing processes.

With a slew of ICT (information and communications technology) solutions, the B2B arm of Philippine telecommunications firm PLDT, hopes to assist businesses across industries and of different sizes in improving their operational efficiency and enhance business resiliency.

 “We at PLDT Enterprise aim to empower businesses to revolutionize their strategies to yield an impactful change across industries,” said Jovy Hernandez, president and CEO, ePLDT and SVP and head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Group. “One way to achieve this is by the adoption of digital technologies that will accelerate their transformation and help them succeed better in the future.”

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PLDT Enterprise encourages business to leverage wireless technologies

PLDT Enterprise is continuously improving and developing technologies to meet the expanding requirements of businesses. Its digital ecosphere includes a wide array of ICT products — data centers, ePLDT Cloud, Azure Stack, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Salesorce, Cybersecurity Solutions, and Managed IT, among others —powered by ePLDT to help serve and meet its clients’ growing and evolving needs
Businesses are adapting to unprecedented uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. And it is evident that digital transformation, with the aid of PLDT Enterprise’s ICT solutions, can facilitate better collaboration, higher productivity, more agility, and stronger resiliency — giving businesses the opportunity to drive revolutionary change and thrive in the long term.
PLDT Enterprise urges businesses to shift their focus from traditional technology management to more revolutionary undertakings that will make their organizations ready and fit for the future.